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Our Decking Projects - HiDeck 30 Oct 2017 14976406_1788671294736484_5326916295139437990_o 14902964_1788671358069811_3731754801428803500_o Easy DIY decking project! Installation of decking tiles can take only few hours and you can do it over old concrete paving or waterproof membrane on you balcony. Very easy to install! Tiles are 500×500 and 40mm thick. Connectors are included in price of $100.00 per square meter, or $25.00 per tile. We can supply you with same decking timber 

Bartley Residences: Designing the Perfect Balcony (Part 2) 29 Nov 2015 Outdoor wood decking. Wood plastic composite. For the artificial turf, we'll be using putting green (PG10-SF) for the putting area and bermuda grass (BG35-NF Fresh) on the outer curve of the putting area. Absolut Outdoors Check out this article on Outdoor Flooring Options for singapore Balconies and Balcony Planters for more details on each type of flooring options. price everything out first, stay within your means, and maximize the most out of your budget.

How Sydney house prices compare with other global cities - Domain 25 Jul 2015 Sure, the median house price is high, but when you look at the average-square-metre comparison, Sydney looks good. “You have to compare the cities in terms of price per square metre, and homes in Hong Kong are three to four times the price of Sydney, in London double the price, and while New York and singapore are about the same price per square metre, their apartments are much bigger, so actual homes are more expensive in both places, too.” In Tokyo 

Timber Loft Contractor Loft Builder Singapore Calvary Carpentry A typical timber loft structure, of uniform proportions; a uniform rectangular area with no protruding columns allowing a height of 2 metres underneath will cost $117 per square foot (psf) including GST. Typical vertical access via timber stairs is calculated by the number of steps and will cost $360 per step. Typical railings of 90cm to 1.1m in height will cost $220 per foot length. Floor finish will consist of vinyl, indoor timber floor, or hardwood timber deck and will vary from $6.50 to $26 psf 

Average rates for painting Resene - Professional development to decide how to quote your work – you may be able to perform differently from the price average indicator. • All rates are exclusive of GST. • The Professional development systems charts are a useful quick reference for many common painting jobs. Remember customers want value from painters and telling them exactly and properly what you propose will pay dividends. • The basis of costs per square metre measured on flat and windows including glazing are measured flat overall.

Timber Decking Wood Decking Balcony Flooring Singapore | Timber decking, Wood decking, Balcony Flooring prices singapore. Generally, timber decking.wood decking or Balcony Flooring prices in singapore ranges from $16-$32 per square feet (PSF), depending on the type of wood chosen.Which includes supply, installation, sanding and varnishing of the timber decks.

How much will it really cost me to install a patio? - homify 21 Aug 2017 The patio cost will be determined by the space, design, layout and material you've opted for. If you're looking into how much should it be to lay a patio, bear in mind that the costs are per square metre, this can also vary based on the constructional company, more experienced contractors often have a higher patio cost per m². However, consider this as an This fantastic material is ideal for a deck and can be installed easier and quicker than most materials. However 

Timber Decking Prices Singapore - Calvary Carpentry Mobile Balcony Flooring prices singapore. Generally, timber decking.wood decking or Balcony Flooring prices in singapore ranges from $16-$32 per square feet (PSF), depending on the type of wood chosen. Ironwood decking. Summary Merbau is almost on par with Teak for outdoor durability. The only drawback is the bleeding of tannins which will pass over time. Chengal has been one of the more popular choices of wood in singapore. It has high durability and Janka hardness.

Renovation: Wood flooring and its alternatives Home & Decor 30 Apr 2016 But if the cost is an issue, there are alternatives you can consider. SOLID HARDWOOD FLOORING. The classic, timeless and elegant choice. As it can be restored and updated — sanded and refinished over and over again — it will last through the years. And be warned that it gets damaged easily. If you're a purist and don't like the idea of one material masquerading as another, this is the one for you, but you will pay a premium. Cost: As much as $30 per square foot, 

How much will a patio really cost to lay? - Homify 23 Sep 2017 Patio costs per square metre will vary dramatically, both in how much your materials cost and what your team of professionals will charge to work with them, but for a general guide, the following should apply: • Manufactured Square Flags: The cheapest option, as these decking is the most common style of wooden patio, which sees an elevated platform covered in a hardwearing variation of planks, such as teak. Regular care will be needed to protect the longevity.