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Lath - Wikipedia Historically there were three ways of making wood lath for plaster: riven lath, accordion lath, and circular sawn lath. Riven lath was traditionally split with the grain from chestnut, oak, and similar hardwoods, or from softwoods like eastern white pine. Individual laths were riven and nailed in place. Because they are split with the grain, riven lath is stronger than later forms of lath production. Accordion laths are thin, sawn boards that are partially split with a 

How To Clean Blinds and Shades - Best Way to Clean Wooden 11 Dec 2017 wood and faux wood blinds. Treat these blinds like wood furniture. Dust with a soft, clean cloth or a chemically treated dust cloth, like Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes ($11 for two, amazon). Lower the blind to full length, tilt the slats to an almost closed position, hold the bottom rail, and dust. Then reverse the slats and repeat. You can also dampen (don't saturate) a microfiber cloth with warm water and wipe the slats to get rid of stubborn dirt. Then, open the slats 

Bullroarer - Wikipedia The bullroarer, rhombus, or turndun, is an ancient ritual musical instrument and a device historically used for communicating over great distances. It dates to the Paleolithic period, being found in Ukraine dating from 18,000 BC. Anthropologist Michael Boyd, a bullroarer expert, documents a number found in Europe, Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. In ancient Greece it was a sacred instrument used in the Dionysian Mysteries and is still used in rituals 

Mono-Control Model Wood blind "Model code: UK" Venetian slats are available in 19 colors. Woven ladder tapes are available in 30 colors. With the addition of two shades of ash wood, a total of 19 slat colors are available. Tapes are available in a total of 30 colors with four newly added natural prints and two new stitch prints.

Concertina Loft Ladder CTL Loft Ladders - Ramsay Ladders This is a concertina loft ladder which is ideal for domestic and commercial use. Manufactured from quality aluminium extrusions. Fits openings 600mm x 500mm and requires little loft clearance. Treads are 80mm deep x 335mm wide. Spring controlled oper

Accordion Doors Woodfold woodfold accordion doors transform rooms and alter perceptions. Make any room a room with a view. woodfold Residential, Commercial, and Acoustic doors and room dividers are beautiful additions to any space. And they will be for years to come, thanks to our durable hardware and carefully selected materials. Choose from hardwood veneer or Vinyl-Lam panel construction, then decide if you'd like your doors stained, painted, laminated, decorated with custom-print murals, 

Brief History of the Book Format - Book Art Resources - Yale 20 Jul 2017 [14] Bamboo, wood or palm leaves of equal length and width were fastened together with a string run through a hole in each section. These blind books resemble the venetian The method is similar to the blind in the use of slats of equal width and length, but they are now held together at a fixed point (not along a string or cord). This point can be at the end or the A new form of book was created, the concertina or fold book. Here one sheet, or several glued into one, 

Accordion Gates & Custom Wrought Iron Fencing in Delawar Louvered Fences • Wire Mesh Partitions • Dog Kennels • Accordian Gates • Windscreen • slats • Amsoil. Our services Include: • Fence Repairs • Gate Operator Repairs • Welding – Aluminum and Steel • Custom Fabrication • Powder Coating. Guardian Fence takes pride in high-quality craftsmanship and experienced installation and that's what separates us from the competition. Call today for more information and to get a quote for your gate, fence, guardrails and other products.

Bamboo and wooden slips - Wikipedia Bamboo and wooden slips were the main media for documents in China before the widespread introduction of paper during the first two centuries AD The earliest surviving examples of wood or bamboo slips date from the 5th century BC during the Warring States period. However, references in earlier texts surviving on other media make it clear that some precursor of these Warring States period bamboo slips was in use as early as the late Shang period (from about 1250 BC).

Accordion Lamp - stilwerk limited edition design gallery Objects. Accordion Lamp. Lamp "Accordion Lamp". The "Accordion Lamp" is part of the "Accordion Collection", produced in collaboration between designer Elisa Strozyk and artist Sebastian Neeb. The surface of the lamp is composed of thin pieces of maplewood attached to a textile shade. Like the bellows of an accordion, the thin slats seem to ripple and move, awakening a unique character in their underlying sculptural form. Lamp "Accordion Lamp no 2" Design: Elisa Strozyk 

Rolltop desk - Wikipedia A rolltop desk is a 19th-century reworking of the pedestal desk with, in addition, a series of stacked compartments, shelves, drawers and nooks in front of the user, much like the bureau à gradin or the Carlton House desk. In contrast to these the compartments and the desktop surface of a rolltop desk can be covered by means of a tambour consisting of linked wooden slats that roll or slide through slots in the raised sides of the desk. In that, it is a descendant in function, and partly in