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ZAP! How to Deal with Static Electricity (4/28/2015) 28 Apr 2015 Wearing shoes with memory foam on the inside,; Walking on a deck made from composite materials, or the rubberized floor in a dance studio,; Having flannel sheets on your bed, and; Walking on hardwood floors treated with polyurethane. can cause a build-up of static electricity, depending on the person and the circumstances. This build-up and discharge of static electricity that you experience is a miniature version of the same mechanism that causes lightning and 

MegaDeck at Safety Box: buy or rent Mega-deck composite mat MATERIAL COMPOSITION High-quality virgin HDPE - with special impact modifiers and nanoclay fillers to accommodate thermal expansion, incorporate UV resistance, and to provide tremendous strength. An anti-static additive is molded into each mat, to allow for use in environments where static could pose a problem. COLORS: Beige. Custom colors available. For more info and applications see the MegaDeck Spec Sheet (includes MSDS). Product Photos (click to view larger image).

Wood Plastic Composites - Croda Polymer Additives Croda's range of speciality additives for use in wood plastic composites include process lubricants, anti-static additives and UV absorbers. From decking and cladding to fencing and garden furniture, WPC additives provide these applications with a long life span and minimal maintenance, giving advantages over solely wood-based materials. Atmer 7300 is a 50% concentrate in PE containing an effective anti-static agent providing the beneficial side effect of mold release.

MegaDeck HD® - event deck MegaDeck HD panels are molded from the best quality virgin HDPE enhanced with a proprietary blend of special impact modifiers, anti-static additives, and unique nano-clay fillers that accommodate thermal expansion and provide UV resistance and most importantly, tremendous MegaDeck HD is the environmentally-friendly composite mat that will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species and thus will not transfer contaminants to other jobsites or storage facilities.

Conductive Top FRP Grating Molded Gratings FRP Grates Conductive grating drains off the build-up of unwanted, dangerous static electricity when grounded. The specialized grating produces an electrical resistance of less than 26 kilo-ohms per foot, while retaining other desirable characteristics of conventional FRP molded grating. This specialized grating features a molded-on black safety surface which provides its anti-static characteristics. This secondarily applied surface can be added to all depths of Fibergrate FRP grating. Brochure 

Static Electricity on Composite Decking - ACL Staticide Technical Blog 24 Mar 2017 Home owners invest thousands of dollars every year on home upgrades. A common upgrade on a US home is the addition of an outdoor deck to enjoy leisurely time with family and friends. Outdoor decks are easy to build and maintain, but one commonly overlooked factor is that new decks made from plastic composite material generate static electricity that potentially becomes a nuisance through the first years unless treated with a topical anti-static solution.

China Composite Decking, Composite Decking Manufacturers 25497 products Thickness: 23mm,25mm; Style: Classic; Environmental Standard: E0; Function: Waterproof, anti-static, Soundproof, Thermal Insulation; Pattern: Customized; Color: Customized. China Supplier - Gold Member Guangdong Factory Plastic composite Outdoor Wood Grain WPC Decking for Swimming Pool. FOB Price: US $ 2-4 / Square Meter Min. Mold Resistant Wood Plastic composite WPC Co-Extrusion Decking (TH-16). FOB Price: US $ 2.66-4.96 / Meter Min.

Static Electricity - Amazon S3 In the case of excessive static buildup on an installed PVC or HDPE capped deck, Fiberon recommends the following procedure: • Remove loose debris from the deck surface. • ACL Heavy Duty Staticide® 2002/2005 (shown at left). • Spray or mop the entire surface of the deck. • Allow to air dry. Do not attempt to wipe the surface dry as wiping will reduce the effectiveness of the anti-static coating. Additional product information concerning ACL Staticide® can be found at:.

static electricity with outdoor deck Terry Love Plumbing 31 Jul 2011 I have a static electricity problem. Almost every time I walk around on the deck I will get a shock when I touch anything metal (door handle/metal cap on top of deck wall/bbq). I can't You may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. I have Trex, and it never generated static .. My Trex deck, which I installed in 2008, gets mold spots and looks disgusting over the Winter into Spring. You can't use a pressure washer on Trex 

Composite Rig Mats, Crane Mats, Portable Roadways MegaDeck HD MegaDeck HD construction mats are manufactured in the United States using a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and special impact modifiers to accommodate thermal expansion, UV resistance, anti-static properties, and tremendous strength. A unique process ensures all plastic is completely melted then molded, preventing micro-fissures and inconsistencies. A hollow ribbed interior provides superior performance over soft ground with a low California Bearing 

Wood & Alternative Decking - Coastal Wood Corp - Lumber, Timber Coastal Wood is Marylands's largest supplier of pressure treated lumber, timber, piling, composite & PVC decking products. TanDeck is made from a proprietary blend of recycled HDPE plastics, strengthening agents, UV inhibitors and anti-static additives. It has no wood or organic fibers and is not susceptible to moisture that can cause staining, swelling, warping or splintering. As Tandeck is a non-porous product, mold cannot absorb below the surface. Available in four standard 

Composite Decks Deck Rescue composite decks. Deck Rescue offers mold remediation for synthetic surfaces and specializes in composite deck cleaning. composite decks. For composite decks, we use a dedicated composite cleaner to remove unhealthy mold—a condition that can affect several synthetic surfaces. An anti-microbial is applied immediately afterward to slow the growth of future mold spores.