how to cool houses with a decked roof in nigeria

112 best Wonderful Roofing Designs images on Pinterest Wonderful roofing Designs. 112 Pins111 Followers. Find roofing Designs that suits for your home and office buildings. .. Modern Cabin House in Glass Facade Exterior and Timber Deck Patio also Located On Hillside Next to The Beautiful Lake Rur in Germany: Contemporary Lake House in Germany by LHVH architekten .. The roof design allows the house to harvest up to 16,000 gallons of water on the ground floor, and helps naturally cool the house via the venturi effect.

Best 25+ Flat roof construction ideas on Pinterest Flat roof design aluminium roof lantern, skylight and flat roof skylight are all terms used to describe a glazed structure constructed within a flat roof system. Our aluminium lantern roof systems come in a broad range of both standard and bespoke sizes. Using premium aluminium slim line technology, Hehku are able to combine stunning aesthetics with outstanding thermal performance to produce one of the most eye-catching products available for orangery extension, glazed extension or kitchen 

3BEDROOM BUNGALOW FOR N3M!!! a step-by-step guide 8 Sep 2015 For instance Mr. a may want a tree bedroom house and his property is situated on a stable ground while Mr. B may also want a three bedroom and his property is situated in a water logged terrain. Mr. a may also want you to put a slab or decking over his house instead of roofing because he intends to develop later. however, here we will be focusing on building a three bedroom bungalow with roofing and on a stable ground. in the materials estimation, I will not 

How Come All Nigerian Houses Have Rooftops Made Of Aluminium And 9 Jun 2016 Find attached the pictures below: The first two are typical Middle Eastern Homes with no timber or aluminium roofs, whilst the next two are typical nigerian roofs. Re: how Come all nigerian houses Have the account the weight of the concrete slab. 5. yeah i like this one,maybe why but in general i think decking the nigerian way sometimes takes most of the Housing Budget together with its foundation, If concrete roof slabs are used it would cost considerably less.

Parapets – Where Roofs Meet Walls Building Science 17 apr 2012 When wind blows against a building it produces vortices at the roof edges (Figure 1) that create huge pressure differences (Figure 2) at roof perimeters that can suck roofs off buildings. Parapets in the old days it was easy; just fully adhere the roof membrane with a lot of goop directly to the structural deck so that each square foot of roof membrane stress was directly transferred to the square foot of structural deck directly under the membrane. No problem. Until, wait 

Flat Roof Design Vs. Pitched Roof - Properties - Nigeria Hello pro builders in the house. I will be starting my building project soon and I have been thinking about roof designs. Personally, I like the feel of flat roofs. But I had lived in a house that leaked heavily (just decking, no roofs). and this has given me reason to rethink. The typical roof designs in nigeria are pitched. Is this because of our weather? Is it more expensive or cheaper in the long run? The idea for a flat roof is because I intend having a vegetable garden on the roof and of 

New Beautiful, Modern House with Huge Roof Top Deck & Balcony Master bedroom with lots of closet space and a television. Master Bath with shower and small bench. Second master bedroom with closet and adjoining bathroom, shower and dual sink. Full bathroom with two sinks, bathtub/shower and toilet. alcove to bedrooms. Queen size bed with large closet. View of foyer. Great room with brand new television. View of dining table, window seat and television. The deck is a perfect place to enjoy lunch or cold drink. BBQ area on the roof top deck.

How much does it cost to build a 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria I will try as much as possible to demystify the cost of building a house in nigeria. It was a bit Building the house proper. For ease of explanation, I will split the process into 4 major stages;. Foundation to flooring + soakaways; Block work to roofing; Noggin/roofing; Finishing (plastering, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors others etc). at the end of .. I've sent approximately 7.5 million naira to him, and the project has just been decked with him saying he has no more funds with him.

Ceiling POP Designs For Your House - Properties (3) - Nigeria Before now,our jobs entailed taking over buildings after plastering stage and providing excellent finishing of various typesranging from plaster board walls and POP ceilings, conventional painting to the exotic(especially Italian) and tiling . You will all agree with me Pop is the best to make anywhere it was to be cool. 1 Like The conventional way POP is being done under a deck, you shoot a concrete nail way up and tie the POP mesh to the nail to hang the ceiling. It is necessary to 

Roof Design Ideas - Get Inspired by photos of Roofs from Australian Let us get you quotes from roofers. Tell us what you need from the roofers; roofers contact you; Compare multiple quotes to save time and money. Get Quotes Now. Browse local roofers. roofers Sydney · roofers Melbourne · roofers Perth · roofers adelaide · roofers Brisbane · roof Designs by M T DEaN HOMES edit. by M T DEaN HOMES · + add to inspiration Board · roof Designs by Rod's roof Restorations edit. by Rod's roof Restorations · + add to inspiration Board.

Wooden materials in building projects: Fitness for roof construction a survey of building projects in south-western, nigeria was conducted to assess wood usage in building roof projects in the zone and to determine the efficiency of wood utilization in building constructions prior to and during oil economy in south-western nigeria. Based on various purposes of wood utilization in building projects, wood usage in building can be classified as structural, functional and decorative/aesthetics. Buildings in the rural area have the worst wood usage efficiency 

Cost of Roofing a House in Nigeria ToLet Insider 22 Jun 2017 a roof is part of a building that encloses it at the top. It provides protection from animals and natural elements (heat, cold). The word also denotes the framing or structure which supports that covering. The features of a roof are dependent on the purpose of the building that it covers. Specialised architects and engineers take an in-depth look at your site, structure and surroundings, to come up with the best roofing designs that will best fit your structure while sticking to the