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Injection Moldable Advanced WPC アイ-コンポロジー株式会社 In i-Compology, it is meaningful to establish new technologies that no one has been able to realize so far, and we are trying to innovate complex technology by using new methods. image3. As the first step, we will sell the next-generation wood plastic, which can be injection molded. It is made from wood powder and plastic. This wood plastic can be recycled. Also, when finally being incinerated as waste, CO2 emissions are very low. In other- words, this will material help preserve the 

Manufacturing with a wood-plastic composite - Green Dot Bioplastics What product designers and plastics manufacturers need to know about working with wood-plastic composites. The material Even with wood-plastic composites, which preserve so much of traditional plastic production, manufacturers will want to have a handle on details like the percentage of biomaterials used in the composite, particle size and processing temperatures. Understanding these Manufacturers will no doubt have some questions about the chosen material. Will it work 

Moisture and Fungal Durability of Wood-Plastic Composites Made 2013 The International Research Group on wood protection. IRG/WP 13-40648 moisture sorption of the WPCs and showed no mass losses due to decay. The WPC with an isothiazolone-based solution did not show any mass losses due to fungal decay. Keywords: wood-plastic composites, fungal durability, moisture resistance, acetylation, isothiazolone. 1. INTRODUCTION. wood plastic composites (WPC) are a combination of wood in the form of flour, fibers or particles, and a 

of wood plastic composites (WPCs) - Forest Service wood fiber is a renewable material that serves t~adifion- ally for manufacturing a variety of composites. If not protected, wood and wood fibers are susceptible to water uptake and fungal decay; thus, protecting wood constitu- ents in a composite from moisture is mandatory in exte- rior applications. wood plastic composites (WPCs) have gained popularity due to their superior outdoor durability. (Clemons 2002; Mortell et al. 2010). However, the surface quality of WPCs also deteriorates 

Ultraviolet Light Protection of Wood-Plastic Composites. A Review wood-plastic composites (WPCs) have several exterior applications where they are easily exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The paper presents the current situation in a field of UV protection of WPCs, including the most commonly used protective agents and methods, such as UV absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). Surface dressing methods, such as painting, coating and film coating are not included. The focus of the paper is on the ways of how to integrate UV 

Durable, water-based coatings for WPC - Fraunhofer WKI These include the use of pigments and UV-protection substances in the overall formula for wood-plastic composites, pre-treatment of wood, co-extrusion, encasement in film as well as powder coating and wet coating. A liquid coating can be more effective and more flexible as regards meeting the requirements concerning durability, colouring and design when used for a façade. Therefore, only one WPC formula without pigments and UV-protection must be extruded, as the colouring 

Wood Plastic Composite : WPC, Taiwan; WPC Supplier - Wix Eco-friendly, Waterproof, wood plastic composite. Quan Juli Int'l (Brand ER)provide recyclable wood plastic composite that is suitable for outdoor/indoor flooring, decking, fencing, siding, garden edging. Colors can be customized, no paints, no splinter. protect our environment, less wood-cutting. ​. Download. Product catalog Testing Report by SGS for ER WPC Testing Viedo. WPC DM · RoHS Test · Anti UV Test · Slip Resistance Test · Surface Buring Characteristics Test.

WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITES FROM MODIFIED WOOD Part 3 THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP ON wood protectION. Section 4. Processes and Properties. wood plastic compositeS FROM MODIFIED wood. Part 3. Durability of WPCs with bioderived matrix. M. Westin1, P. Larsson-Brelid1, B.K. Segerholm1,2 and M. van den Oever3. 1 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden,. Box 857, SE-50115 Borås, Sweden. 2 KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Building Materials,. SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden. 3 Wageningen UR 

Wood-plastic composite / Paper and wood composites Budenheim wood-plastic composite. wood-plastic composites are modern composite materials that are widely used for furniture, benches and outdoor ground coverings. Unlike pure wood, they are water- and weather-resistant. Compared to pure plastics, they are more consolidated and expand Flame protection. In paper, cardboard or modern wood composites such as MDF, halogen-free flamer retardants with a phosphate content of over 7% make sure that rather than burning, the more 

Durability of Wood-Plastic Composites - Forest Products Laboratory pletely encapsulate the wood particles, thereby protecting them from both moisture and fungal attack. shelter (both wood and plastic). For practical purposes, the agents most commonly associated with WPC applications include fungi, insects, and marine borers, although other organisms that colonize the surface, but do not necessarily degrade the material, such as lichens and algae These observations led to a number of laboratory studies showing that various decay fungi could 

WPC (wood plastic composite) - presentation qualities and WPC products need no maintenance, saving costs for painting and protection coatings. Compared to impregnated wood which costs almost the same, WPC decking profiles are amortized in first 2 years. Even compared to much cheaper normal wood, WPC has a overwhelming technical superiority , and initial investment is recovered latest in 10 years. WPC material is not only produced from recycled materials, but it can be also 100% recycled after being used, making possible buy 

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Material introduction Ada Ng 27 Sep 2017 WPC is a new alternative green environmental protection material to traditional wood. 5. In the operation, WPC can be nailed, drilling, planning, and viscous with smooth surface. Sanding and painting process is subjected to client choice. Main Performance. 1. Looks and feels like natural wood;. 2. Durable, firm because of its high density; high degree of UV and color stability;. 3. Highly resistant to moisture and termites; easy to install, requires no painting, no glue, no 

Durability of Wood-Plastic Composites. (PDF Download Available) Full-text (PDF) Until recently, markets for wood-plastic composites (WPCs) have grown at an astounding rate, despite their higher overall costs compared to naturally durable or treated wood (Smith and Wolcott 2006). Surveys suggest that these products have excellent attack because the plastic was presumed to com-. pletely encapsulate the wood particles, thereby protecting These observations led to a number of laboratory studies. showing that various decay fungi could cause