setting deck beams on existing patio enclosures

How to Build a Screened In Patio Family Handyman Our screened-in, post and beam patio enclosure with removable awning top solves it all. patio overview. However much you love your patio, there may be just too many days when it's not fit to live on. Our enclosure turns a patio—or a deck—into a space as comfortable as another room of your house. Of course, it won't keep out the cold, but the . These pins, cut from 1/2-in. steel reinforcing rod (normally used to strengthen concrete slabs), hold the posts in position on the foundation.

How to Build a Roof Over a Deck Decking, Spring and Porch Why deck Posts Should NOT Be Set in Concrete - nor dirt, check out yours especially if its a double height load bearing platform for safety - rotted wood at grade level can make it death trap, seriously wind and glaring sun? Our screened-in, post and beam patio enclosure with removable awning top solves it all. .. Post and beam carport plans Fixed to the post with nail plates and fixed to the beam rafter with bolts Etc Garages Carport designs and car ports You could build a garage.

Patio Enclosures from Advance Remodeling Weather and climate often prohibit us from spending time on our patios or decks, but with a patio enclosure, you can enjoy the sites and sounds of the outdoors with all the comforts of being indoors. Besides creating an enjoyable entertainment area, patio enclosures also provide valuable living space to your home, often at a fraction of the cost of a home addition. Using the existing patio, an enclosure can be installed using glass, screens or framing it in like the rest of the home. patio 

How to Screen In an Existing Porch Today's Homeowner Enclosing an existing covered porch with screen simply requires you to build a stud wall or walls along the open sides to create surfaces for attaching the. Since most patios slope for drainage, the height of the studs may not be consistent, so measure each one separately. Stack the two horizontal 2x4s that will The weight of the beams above will be spread out over the length of this long wall so with it in place, we can lower the jack and remove the temporary post. The shorter wall 

back porch enclosure - YouTube 7 Jan 2013 This is how we enclosed the back patio to make a three season room. The music is: Sovereign by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech. I am looking to do a similar job on my existing back porch, it will involve moving 2x4's to create a more uniform appearance, adding windows instead of screen, replacing the cheap door, fixing the floor inside, adding insulation & windows and redoing the ceiling. No biggieLOL inside is 27' x 11'.

Design of a roof addition over an existing concrete patio in Bozeman 6 Oct 2010 Peter Q Brown shows the design process for an attractive new roof addition over an existing concrete patio. Remodeling and Gene. I was able to build my shed so fast even beyond my expectation. This is because of expensive to build. I live in the (Los Angeles) Hollywood Hills and I have received multiple quotes for a covered patio that will be 5' above ground at the front of the house and at ground level at the back side of the deck.

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio Slab: The Low Down on 28 Mar 2007 How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. To get the height of the joists, subtract the thickness of the decking from the distance between the top of the slab and the bottom of the patio door threshold. Install the Joists. Lay the joists across the concrete perpendicular to the house wall at 16 inches on center. Level the joists using the shim stock. Make sure to support the joists with shims every 12 inches because the ripped-down material has 

Wall Framing to Enclose Existing Covered Porch - YouTube 23 Apr 2017 Currently I am enclosing this porch to create additional living space. This brief clip shows the wall framing being installed over the new elevated concrete. I used 2 X 6 Framing and tied into the existing roof beam which is 3.5 inches wide. The wall had to be built stick by stick as each piece had to be cut to a unique length and notched accurately to go around the 3.5 inch beam. There was a slope in the beam which is why each piece of wall framing had to be a different 

How to Screen in a Porch how-tos DIY Install the Plate. Lay pressure-treated 2x4 boards around the perimeter of the porch. Use a framing square to make sure the sill plate is square. Fasten the sill plate to the concrete floor using lag bolts and concrete anchors (Image 1). Attach a layer of untreated wood on top of the sill plate to provide a base for interior trim work. Use a reciprocating saw or a handsaw to remove the sill plate from door opening.