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Art Disputes War: The Battle of the Vietnam Memorial - The 13 Oct 1982 This is the story of art experts and the vietnam veterans -- and of how the veterans asked for a war memorial and wound up with an enormous pit they now refer to as a "tribute to Jane Fonda." In all likelihood the Tribute to Jane The idea of a memorial was dreamed up by a small group of veterans living in the Washington area. One of them was Tom Carhart, .. The freaking thing made the Berlin Wall look like a white picket fence. Thirteen hundred of the building's 

Vietnam: Fencing in the North The New Republic With the presidential campaign barely more than a year away, there are signs that Mr. Johnson is planning to add something new to the war effort which could eventually change the nature of the vietnam struggle. The new factor is a “barrier” of electronic devices around vietnam to monitor infiltration of men and supplies from North vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and to permit rapid border enforcement

Across The Fence: The Secret War In Vietnam by John Stryker Meyer “Across The fence” by John Stryker Meyer is one of the very few memoirs written by and about the highly classified Studies and Observations Group or SOG. Running cross border operations during the vietnam war, small teams of Special Forces soldiers partnered with indigenous team members launched missions into Laos, Cambodia, and North vietnam. These missions were so secret that it wasn't until the 1990's that information started to become available about this unit. To this 

Vietnam veterans, welcome home - The Garden Island 11 Nov 2017 The lessons taught to us by the vietnam war were difficult to swallow, but resulted in America becoming a better country and a better military. Two of those very important lessons were that first, “we leave no one behind.” There are few other countries that have such an etho and honor such a steadfast and sustained commitment. Thanks in great part to vietnam-era veterans, the Department of Defense has over 650 people devoted to accounting for the missing and 

Activities - Bethel Fife & Drum Chapter, NSDAR​Bethel Park Collect toys for Tamassee DAR School; Award a certificate for "Outstanding American History Teacher"; Made vietnam war traveling library exhibit; Collect plastic bags and printer cartridges for DAR schools; ​Constitution Week—Lesson Plans for Pleasant Hills Library; Collect books for underprivileged children; Collect "Pennies for Peanut Butter" to feed underprivileged children; Give a Hoot DAR School support; Help contribute for a picket fence for Tamassee DAR school 

Pfc. Francisco Concepcion Jr., killed in the Vietnam War - The 28 Jan 2018 This Island History was written to honor Francisco Concepcion Jr. and the other 12 servicemen from Kauai who died in vietnam. Army Pfc. Francisco Concepcion Jr. of Kilauea, Kauai, was the first soldier from Kauai killed in the vietnam war. He died on Nov. 20, 1965, at the age of 23 after being wounded by small arms fire three days earlier in combat against North vietnamese troops. At the time of his death, he had been in vietnam for six weeks as a member of 

The 6 Most Popular Border Fence Technologies - Popular Mechanics 3 May 2010 Construction is corrugated steel, usually about 10 feet high, and the raw materials and name come from the former life of the fence panels—they were used as portable touchdown pads for helicopters operating in vietnam. The Landing Mat can be easy to foil, since Border Normandy fences are crisscrossed posts, lined with barbed wire or mesh, that were used during both World wars to protect soldiers in foxholes. Modern Normandy designs use heavier steel and 

Contemplation Garden The National Vietnam War Museum The Contemplation garden is the second of the six memorial gardens to be constructed on the museum site. It contains several key attractions, including a vietnam-era Huey mounted almost 20 feet in the air, a special set of Huey rotor blades with dedication plaques, a flag pole, a covered bench and the only replica of the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall that was located on the post in Pleiku, South vietnam. The wall replica was built by members of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion 

Concertina wire - Wikipedia Concertina wire or Dannert Wire is a type of barbed wire or razor wire that is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina (a small hand-held bellows-type instrument in the same family as the accordion). In conjunction with plain barbed wire (and/or razor wire/tape) and steel pickets, it is most often used to form military-style wire obstacles (although these are not necessarily always used in a military setting, such as when used in prison barriers, detention camps or riot 

Toogoolawah War Memorial - Wikipedia Toogoolawah war Memorial is a heritage-listed memorial within McConnel Park at Cressbrook Street, Toogoolawah, Somerset Region, Queensland, Australia. The park was built c. 1906 by Frank Williams & Co. It is also known as McConnel Park. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992. Contents. [hide]. 1 History; 2 Description; 3 Heritage listing; 4 References. 4.1 Attribution. 5 External links. History[edit]. The site was established as a public park and 

What I Know About the Vietnam War - University of Michigan The stories my father told me gave me the impression that the vietnam era had both created a legendary love story between my parents and later sent it into flames; this made me believe that there was something in that time that had inimitable power both to create and to destroy. Like most children of the eighties, I had the restless urge both to create .. There were no picket fences in those drawings, and no golden retrievers. What the mothers saw: heads cut off with bayonets, a father 

An American Boat Sailed to Vietnam During the War. Then It 11 Oct 2016 She wants to save the boat because it's a family relic that represents something bigger—“that intersection of a major historical thing with a normal American family: mom and dad and 2.5 kids and the white picket fence,” she says. However, by her own description, she is “not an extroverted person,” and she worries she can't generate enthusiasm for the project. Others are hopeful. Eaton, who captained the Phoenix's second and third trips to vietnam, says that when 

Musings from Vietnam (Guest blog) – Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel 6 Mar 2015 I got word that my wife needed a power-of-attorney. The nearest JAG office was forty-some miles away, at Da Nang AFB. Was given leave to go down and conduct business and told to then hurry back. Hitched a ride on a Huey and found my way to the JAG office. . . quonset hut with air conditioning, little white picket fence, flower garden, lovely young vietnamese secretary. I did all the necessary paperwork, grabbed lunch, returned to pick up the finished document, ran