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Products - Greenery - Display & Wall Mats - Page 1 - Autograph Green and “living” walls have become all the rage over the past few years and the trend is sure to continue. Autograph Foliages provides many different replica plant options to suit your Green wall needs. Our decorative mats come in grasses, boxwood, ivy, mosses, and more! You can create your own shape or pattern by cutting these artificial decorative mats, with a plastic grid backing. Many moss sheets are flexible and also easy to cut and form.

Amazon : Decorative Luffy Aquatic Moss Wall/Floor Mesh Kit Choose the right moss for you and your aquarium then use the ingenious Luffy Moss wall Mesh Kit to add a luscious, natural green background. Ready to install, the Luffy Aquatic Moss wall Kit contains two pieces of plastic mesh, ten cable ties and five suction cups. Simply place the moss between the two 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) durable plastic mesh sheets and use the cable ties to securely hold the pieces together. Then use the suction cups to attach the newly created moss wall or 

Amazon: Living Wall Planter Recycled Plastic Self Watering Have fun with plants! Vertical gardening is now within reach of every gardener from brown thumbs to green and from beginners to professionals. Simply attach hook to wall, fence or chain link, and hang planter up. Totally modular system works in a dense 10 in. x 12 in. wide grid, or a 12 in. x 12 in. grid for lower cost per square feet and greater coverage. The living wall Planter is made from 100% HDPE2 recycled milk jugs, known to be one of the safest plastics for food contact and 

Introduction to Green Walls Technology, Benefits - Greenscreen To date, we have developed a full day training course entitled, Green wall. Design 101; established a Green wall Award of Excellence to celebrate innovative green wall projects; and established the Green wall Research Fund to support more scientific research on green wall performance benefits. This introductory paper provides readers with a basic understanding of the current state of green wall technology including: ▫ A basic introduction to various green wall technologies.

US7926224B1 - Green wall planting module, support structure and A controlled irrigation system including a cistern and rain barrel is provided to re-circulate collected rain water to plantings horizontally displayed by the green wall planting module. Inside the grid wall structure may be mounted a rain barrel 920, 1670 of suitable material such as plastic or strong, flexible bag material so that, as the rain barrel fills from water run-off from gutters or the roof, the rain barrel may fill the cavity between the structure wall 700 and the grid wall ( FIG. 15 ).

Green Walls: Extensive, Semi-Intensive, Intensive, and Free Standing Intensive. Intensive green walls consist of a planter cell style. This type of wall comes in many forms and is typically composed of plastic grid like components or a large sheets of felt like material with pockets for soil. These systems offer a lot of options in terms of decorative and plant selection, but are general high maintenance in terms of irrigation, weeding, and fertilizing. Green walls where their maintenance outweighs their ecological benefits also fall into the green art category.

Green wall technology In this paper, five different techniques of setting up living walls are described, from the relatively simple technique . flower-pots through small pipes made from plastic. Additional heating cables are equipped with temperature sensors which prevent the plants from freezing. Illustration 3 presents a steel grid wall with pots. Ill. 2. A modular green façade solution (source: /green-walls/pro/, The whole structure consists of a framework from a vertical PVC sheet additionally 

Green Walls greenscreen® Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design white paper Tension Cable and Cable Net; Two Dimensional Wire grid; Three Dimensional Wire grid (Welded and Woven); Planters with Trellis living walls. living wall systems are composed of pre-vegetated panels, vertical modules or planted mats that are mounted vertically to a structural wall or frame. These panels can be made of stainless steel, plastic, expanded polystyrene, synthetic fabric, clay, metal, and concrete, and 

Artificial Vertical Garden, Green Walls Designers by VistaGreen Our artificial green walls are designed to stand up to even the most challenging conditions – as demonstrated by our Heathrow VIP at Terminal 5 commission, recently completed by our artificial vertical garden specialists. Air pollution, exposure to full sun, and the constant wind are all harsh conditions for plants to grow well, meaning airport designers normally leave out any serious planting or extensive greening due to the high risk of plant failure. With hardy foliage and steel grid 

Requirements for Designing Living Wall Systems - Periodica for research on the topic of living walls. (Köhler, 2008). Concerning the different systems, the most important input data were examined: materials, loads, possible construction of layers, foliage density, costs and maintenance. As a result, this paper may serve as guideline to designers and better inform the selection of a particular system. 4.1 Materials. A wide range of materials can be used: stainless steel, alu- minium, recycled plastic, stone wool, felt and wood depending on the system 

Screen Systems Living Wall Products Green Roof Solutions wall-Y® is made by our partner Geoproducts Corporation and is the perfect product to set up climbing plants with easy installation and long-term durability. It is a modular living wall trellis support system for climbing plants that it combines the traditional living wall plant choice of perennial evergreen and deciduous climbers with advanced product materials and design. The result is a robust and reliable plastic grid system that is moisture- and microorganism-resistant. The special