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Fencing OpenSpace - OpenSpace specialist Ecological The OpenSpace contracting team carry out all forms of contracting work, in all environments, using any required materials. Stock fencing and deer proof fencing are installed using more traditional materials like timber posts, galvanised steel and barbed wire. We can also provide all your and water vole. If you need a quality fencing job as a stand alone project, or as part of a larger landscape or ongoing project, then call us on 01228 711841 or email enquiriesopenspacegb.

Eco-Composite Wood Decks Cladding Fencing Now our 2yr old can ride her bike and play on such beautiful material. Thank you.” Feedback from Cassie Posted: 22 August 2014 on Serviceseeking. DeniseandRay “Functional and attractive deck using Eco Wood products which enhanced the natural environment.They cleverly maximised space available with visionary design. On time at a good price.” Feedback from Denise & Ray Vandersee Posted: 24 May 2014 on Serviceseeking. Lisa “My garden had a huge slope and has been 

Reptile Fencing OpenSpace - OpenSpace specialist Ecological fencing needs for protected species tend to be site specific and designed around the individual species, environmental requirements and the time frame for which the fencing is required. Reptile fencing can be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent depending on the site and project. materials used may be polythene or polypropylene, recycled HDPE plastic, polymer plastic or steel. fencing materials we have worked with and can utilise vary considerably, with new products and 

Brushdale Wildlife Fencing Newt Fencing Ecological Fencing Brushdale is one of the UK's leading installers of wildlife fencing including that for Great Crested Newts, Reptiles (such as Slow Worms), Badger, Water Vole and Otter. We supply and install a range of fence materials to comply with the specification laid down by your ecologist whilst alive to budget constraints. Our experienced and well trained teams have in depth knowledge of ecological fencing projects having carried out hundreds of installations nationwide. All staff hold CSCS 

8 Amazing Eco-Friendly Fencing Options - Elemental.Green Woven hurdles, recycled composite fences, and living privacy tree lines are just some of the many eco-friendly fencing options you're about to discover. They're eco-friendly by nature, since they make use of 100% renewable resources as well as recycled materials — and Freeman bio composite fencing is the perfect example. It's made of a The answer: Centennial Woods, a reclaimed wood source that ships reclaimed wood for any project to nearly anywhere in the world.

ILC - Small Projects What projects have been funded before? The ILC has funded a variety of land management projects across Australia. These include fencing, forestry, farming, materials and equipment purchases for enterprise development, and a variety of property planning activities.

Designing Wildlife Mitigation Systems eco-kare international How Eco-Kare designs wildlife mitigation systems to reduce roadkill, using fencing, one-way gates and jump-outs. Wildlife crossings include existing infrastructures such as drainage culverts, and bridges, or 'dedicated' wildlife crossings that are built into new road upgrade or extension projects. Other components of the system Obtaining best price of fencing materials that meet project budgets;; On-site visit to assess fencing needs (temporary: 1-5 years; permanent: >5 years);.

Wildlife Fencing, NBC Environment NBC Environment work with a wide range of clients and ecologists providing design solutions for a variety of fencing projects supplying and installing an extensive range of wildlife exclusion and containment fencing – from permanent HDPE Constructed from 1mm thick, HDPE material these fencing systems can be installed quickly with little disturbance to the ground making them very economical to install. . ecological Consulting Solutions. Water Vole. Otter. Badger. Reptiles 

Newt Fencing Contractors Three Shires Ltd Call: 01664 444 604 To hear more about Three Shires Newt fencing solutions and services. Within this application the developer must outline their plans to mitigate the impact of the project on the resident Great crested newt population. mind, developers and main contractors require fencing to be installed immediately once the EPSL has been received, within a very short time frame, in full compliance with the EPSL and in accordance with the supervising ecological clerk of works 

Eco-Deck Ltd Eco-Deck Ltd promotes the use of sustainable and recycled products for your outdoor areas such as Decking, Roof Shingles, fencing, Gate, Outdoor furniture, Screening etc. Our Plastic Composite product is made from rice husk and recycled Eco-Deck Ltd provides an Evaluation, Conceptual and Design service for any projects using its creativeness, lateral thinking and extensive experience gained over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact our Office to book an appointment 

Fencing Solutions Herpetosure snake fencing. This robust system is ideal for projects involving large Snake species. Despite being tall this system can with stand all weather conditions even on the most exposed of sites. The thickend Herpetosure panels and speedy installation techniques, means that no other system is as Herpetosure works for the UK's leading ecological and civil infrastructure planning consultancies and has actively secured preferred supplier and partner arrangements with a number of them.